Panel SA: After promising to sue Felipe Neto, Luciano Hang quips that he loves youtuber


“I love Felipe Neto”, says Havan owner Luciano Hang.

The phrase is said with irony by Hang, who entered into a new social media discussion with the influencer this week, by announcing that he will sue him for comments made online after the death of the entrepreneur’s mother.

“Each one has the right to have free thought. He thinks what he wants and I think what I want. That’s normal. What you can’t do is use the death of someone’s mother to express yourself in social media, accusing you of falsifying a certificate of death of the mother. It’s an abominable thing,” says Hang.

After the threat of lawsuit, Felipe Neto responded this Tuesday (16), also on the internet. “Show the thread [sequência de tuítes] whole, where I say you were accused of having done this, not convicted,” wrote Neto.

Hang claims that his lawyers research statements posted on the internet to assess where the lawsuit is due.

with Mariana Grazini e Andressa Motter


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