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Have not yet received an “inflated” electricity bill? What happens and what to do


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If you have not realized high charges on electricity bills in recent months, there are two possibilities: Ή you are one of the «lucky” where managed to lock the electricity bill before last November, when still cost 9-10 minutes per kilowatt hour (s.s. today the fixed charge has risen to 24-35 minutes depending on the company), or you have not yet received a clearing account.

In the latter case, an extremely unpleasant surprise awaits you, as with consumption measurement the entire charge from the adjustment clause will also be recorded, which especially for the first months of 2022 has skyrocketed even to 27-28 minutes per kilowatt hour. What does this mean;

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That if a clearing account has not been issued for… 8 months (s.s. is not at all difficult to happen, as long as a count was lost by the competent employee of HEDNO), consumption may have reached 3,000 kilowatt hours or above and only for the adjustment clause to request more than 1,000 euros.

For what has happened so far, consumers can not do much. From now on, however, there is a solution at least to tackling the problem of accumulation of high electricity consumption that has not been recorded in the bill. What is needed is:

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1. First see through the account what is the next day that the count is done and make sure that there is no στον obstruction to the person in charge (eg the front door is locked or the clocks are not accessible for some reason).

2. Secondly, to be informed through the electricity company for the period of time during which you can give the meter readings yourself. Your statement is taken into account as true, the clearing account is issued and then any adjustments are made based on the count that will be made by the HEDNO employee, who has the final say.

3. Third, make a request for a monthly bill. In combination with the regular “self-counting” of consumption, you will avoid the accumulation of outstanding issues and the charge will be broken in monthly installments without having to go to the electricity company asking for regulation.

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