Panel SA: Justice orders the disassembly of Agrishow to stop after accident that amputated worker


The international technology fair Agrishow, held in Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, which received presidential candidates and generated more than R$ 11 billion last week, was the target of a court order to interrupt dismantling services for the event.

The 6th Labor Court of Ribeirão Preto responded to a request from the MPT (Public Ministry of Labor) and determined this Thursday (5th) the stoppage of services and interventions in electrical installations at height carried out in the dismantling of the fair’s structure.

The decision comes after an accident that killed a worker in the assembly of the exhibitors’ stands at the end of February. “While maintaining a transformer in the park’s electrical network, on top of a power pole, he was a victim of electrocution, leading to the amputation of one of his hands”, says the MPT.

“The electrician was immediately rescued, taken to a hospital where he received the necessary assistance”, according to a note released by the Agrishow press office. According to the MPT, he was hospitalized at the Hospital das Clínicas in Ribeirão Preto, underwent several surgeries and also lost his ability to work.

The measure takes place in the midst of an MPT task force to inspect the health and safety conditions at work in the activities of the agro event structure and verify compliance with a 2013 court agreement with companies involved in the fair.

According to the agency, the rules laid down for working at heights were not complied with by companies that work in the assembly of stands, exposing workers to risk.

The MPT talks about the lack of seat belts, irregular scaffolding and electrical installations with exposed live parts. It also reports non-compliance with standards in personal protective equipment and safety in electrical installations.

“Informa Markets, responsible for organizing the fair, clarifies that it has a contract with a company specialized in providing occupational safety and medicine services to inspect activities carried out by companies involved in the assembly and disassembly process”, says the company in a statement.

Joana Cunha with Andressa Motter and Paulo Ricardo Martins

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