Paola Carosella criticizes Bolsonaro supporters and becomes the target of criticism on the networks


Chef Paola Carosella, 49, became the target of criticism from supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) after stating in an interview that “It is very difficult to relate to those who support Bolsonaro for two reasons: either because he is an asshole, or he is dumb “.

After the excerpt from the interview with the Diacast podcast went viral on the networks, many supporters of the current president began to criticize the chef. The words “scrota” and “Argentina” were among the most commented topics on Twitter this Monday (23).

Some internet users even said that Carosella, born in Argentina and naturalized Brazilian, should return to her country of origin and suggested a boycott of Arturito, a restaurant owned by the former presenter of Masterchef Brasil (Band).

“Good evening Eisenbahn people, do you mean to say that you sponsor the scrotum Paola Carosella, who came from Argentina to Brazil to offend honest Brazilians? It’s time to boycott Eisenbahn beer and Arturito”, wrote an internet user in an chef made with the brand of beers.

“This ‘scumbag’ Argentine doesn’t deserve to live in Brazil, at least not in peace,” said another. “It’s simple. Don’t be an asshole. You can go back to your ‘socialist Argentina’, and don’t be too stupid to stay in a country you’re not satisfied with,” wrote a third.

“My wife has already bought a course from you, and she won’t buy it anymore. You can be sure that you will lose 90% of your income on top of selling a course here in Brazil”, said another in a video. “Go back to your Argentina and go tango,” he added.

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