Solange Gomes accuses Anderson Leonardo of harassment: ‘He put his hand inside the bikini’


It was 23 years in silence, but former model Solange Gomes, 48, decided to open the game about a violence that, she says she suffered, at the time she worked as a stage assistant for presenter Gugu Liberato. One of the muses of the painting “Banheira do Gugu”, from ‘Domingo Legal’, by SBT in the late 1990s, said she was harassed by Anderson Leonardo, the lead singer of the group Molejo.

Solange reported that she was new to the attraction when she was harassed. In an interview with the podcast “Papagaio Falante”, she accused Anderson of having put his hand inside her bikini while the two were in the bathtub.

“In the old days, things happened and we didn’t have much idea. I remember an episode in the bathtub that Anderson do Molejo came and put his hand inside my bikini. He did a gynecological exam”, he starts telling the details of the situation. “I was giving him a tie, and he was upset and very, very angry, so the way he thought he could stop me was to get a gynecological exam. It was pretty nasty,” she admits.

The participant of “A Fazenda 13”, reality show on Record TV last year, added that she did not report the case at the time for fear of possible consequences. “It was harassment. Something very serious. I didn’t do anything. I was silly, in my twenties… I was also afraid of complaining and being sent away”, she concludes.

The painting “Banheira do Gugu” was one of the hits on “Domingo Legal” with women in bikinis and men in swimming trunks who tried to prevent celebrities from picking up soap thrown into a pool.

wanted by F5, Anderson Leonardo did not comment on the case until the closing of the matter.

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