André Gonçalves is imprisoned for not paying pension; defense claims unemployment


Lawyer Sylvio Guerra stated that André Gonçalves, 46, did not pay the full amount of child support for his daughter Valentina, 18, in recent years because he was unemployed. The actor was ordered under house arrest this Tuesday (23) by the Santa Catarina Courts in a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife and mother of the young woman, actress and journalist Cynthia Benini.

The sentence determines that Gonçalves is monitored by electronic ankle bracelets and is under house arrest for a period of 60 days. “He will comply with that decision,” said the lawyer.

The actor’s debt for non-payment of the pension is R$352,000. He was in default since 2017. Segundo Guerra, Gonçalves always fulfilled his commitments to Valentina and her other two children during the long period in which he was hired by Globo.

But since 2016, when he was fired from the broadcaster and became unemployed, he was no longer able to pay the full pension. “And it was accumulating. [No período] He did some theater plays, did the Dance of the Famous, and all that he deposited for his children. But he couldn’t pay the full amount of the pension, but he never failed to deposit something,” he justified.

Gonçalves and Benini met at the second edition of Casa dos Artistas (SBT), in 2002. They stayed together until 2006. The actor is also the father of Manuela, 23, from his relationship with actress Tereza Seiblitz, and Pedro Arthur, 19 , with Myrian Rios. Since 2016, the actor is with Danielle Winits.


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