Italian discovers after 15 years that he doesn’t date model Alessandra Ambrosio


Italian volleyball player Roberto Cazzaniga believed for 15 years that he was dating Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio from a distance. The story was revealed in a television program, broadcast this Tuesday (24), which gathered evidence that he was being deceived.

“How can I explain it to you?”. “I have so much debt, it’s not easy to wake up from a coma,” she said, crying.

Cazzaniga’s family and friends asked the Italia Uno program to help him face a harsh reality: he was the victim for 15 years of a scam that led him to give money to a woman named Maya to whom he believed he was engaged, but who he never met in person.

The scammer was introduced several years ago by a mutual friend named Manuela. According to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano, the player was actually talking to the player, Valeria, who received the money he periodically sent to pay for treatments for alleged heart problems. He lost €700,000 (R$4.3 million).

“One day he was in his room, in the dark. I see him cry, I ask him what he has and he tells me he has fallen in love, but this woman is in the ICU for a cardiac operation and cannot go to the hospital because she would be angry “, said Danilo, the brother of the volleyball player.

The player even asked for loans to be able to send money to his virtual girlfriend. But it was the help of friends and family, who sought out the television program, that made the athlete discover the coup and file a complaint with the police.

The TV show also tracked down the woman Cazzaniga sent money to, but she denied everything. “I’m Valeria and I’ve been a friend of Maya’s for a long time, I met her during the period I met Manuela,” said the woman.

The report asked her reason for receiving the money sent by the athlete. After a short silence, she replied, “Anyway, whatever I say, I don’t think you believe me.”


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