José de Abreu reveals that his youngest daughter identifies as a trans woman

José de Abreu reveals that his youngest daughter identifies as a trans woman

The father of three women in the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol” (Globo), actor José de Abreu, 75, said that in real life his youngest daughter has identified herself as a trans woman for two years.

“My last daughter is trans. She used to be Bernardo, now she’s Bia. We’ve been living like this for two years. I supported her from the first day I found out. We’re doing a slow job, with psychological assistance, and I hope she finds her way and be happy,” he told Extra about the 21-year-old heiress.

According to Abreu, this fact did not make him have a different attitude among his children. The actor is also the father of Theo, 45, Ana, 44, Cristano, 37 and Bia, 21. The fifth child, Rodrigo, fell from a window and died at the age of 21 in 1992.

The actor received the compliments of friends from PT at the launch of his two-volume autobiography entitled “Abreugrafia – Livros I and II” (Ed. UBook) on Monday (22), at Livraria da Travessa, in São Paulo.

In line for autographs were federal deputy Arlindo Chinaglia (PT-SP), councilor Eduardo Suplicy (PT-SP) and former minister José Dirceu, among others.

In October, Abreu revealed to Mônica Bergamo’s column in sheet who intends to take a break from his acting career to run for federal deputy for the PT in Rio de Janeiro, supporting Lula for president and Marcelo Freixo, from the PSB, for state governor in 2022.

After more than a year living in New Zealand, actor José de Abreu returned to Brazil to join the cast of the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol”. He currently has a two-year relationship with makeup artist Carollyne ​Junger, 23.

Last year, the actor announced that he was leaving Globo’s regular cast after nearly 40 years. He made the revelation live made by former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) on social media.

At the time, Abreu said that he had been negotiating his departure for two months. “I just closed a deal with Globo in an extremely good way for both sides. I had a good conversation with [o diretor artístico Carlos Henrique] Schroder,” he stated.

The actor’s last job at the station had been in 2019, when he played the millionaire businessman Otávio, in the soap opera “A Dona do Pedaço”. Abreu said he could continue acting in soap operas and series on Globo, but hired for a certain job.


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