Branco Mello receives a visit from Sérgio Britto after surgery to remove a tumor


Interned at a hospital in São Paulo after having a tumor removed from the hypopharynx, singer and bassist Branco Mello, 59, from Titãs, was visited by friend and bandmate Sérgio Britto. The meeting was published on Mello’s Instagram this Thursday (25).

“Look who came to bring all the good energy in a super visit! An afternoon with my dear brother Sergio Britto to recharge the batteries of those intense days of hospitalization! We talked a lot, it was awesome”, wrote Mello in the caption.

He added that the photo was taken by his wife, actress Angela Figueiredo, who is in the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol” (Globo), as Mercedes, the housekeeper at the Santiago mansion (José de Abreu). Mello, by the way, signs the musical production of the plot alongside Márcio Lomiranda and Mú Carvalho.

Sérgio Britto also published the photos on his networks. “How wonderful to see in person that surgery was a complete success! Very happy!” he wrote.

On November 12th, Mello announced on his networks that he would be away from the Titans concerts for the removal of a tumor in the hypopharynx (the entrance to the esophagus).

O tumor, detected in a routine exam, is recurrent from an earlier one, treated in 2018. “Dear friends, I’ll be back soon!” wrote Mello at the time.

The band continues with the concert schedule with the participation of bassist Caio Góes Neves as a special guest.

Last Tuesday (23), the musician published a photo with guitar in his hands, at the hospital, in which he reassured fans about his recovery.

“Everything is going well and at the right time around here. I am now able to do physical therapy with a guitar to exercise my arm muscles. Thank you to all of you who are rooting for my recovery and send so many messages of good vibrations around here,” he said.


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