Xuxa says that she was never attracted to women and that she would go back to posing nude


Xuxa, 58, has activated “sincere” mode to answer questions from Argentine fans. The presenter spoke about attraction to people of the same sex, nudity, aging and the desire to be a grandmother, in addition to criticizing the federal government.

One of the questions was whether she had ever been horny in women. “No, never, but I don’t think it’s difficult,” he said in a chat mediated by the Argentine edition of Caras magazine. “Because I believe in love between people and I know that if I loved a woman, everyone who loves me would see it as something natural—as it should be with everyone.”

“But life is strange,” he assessed. “A lot of people worry about what others do with their lives and they don’t pay attention or feel concern for their own lives. I don’t think anyone has to meddle with what others do with their bodies and their lives. That’s called respect.”

The presenter, who will lead the Caravana das Drags on Amazon, says that her involvement with inclusion and veganism was something natural, that it came from within, but it’s not the causes that move her the most at the moment. “Raising the LGBTQ+ flag was [a causa] that moved me the most,” he said.

“Maybe because of my warm blood,” he comments. “I hear people using politics or God to be prejudiced and that’s unacceptable. It hurts my soul to know that people can be so bad, that they don’t respect the conditions and desire of each person to choose.”

She declares that she really wants to be a grandmother and says that if her grandson or granddaughter were LGBTQIA+, she wouldn’t mind. “[Ficaria] worried about the prejudice he would suffer,” she says. “But at the same time, very happy because he would have a family that would love him very much.”

During the interview, Xuxa criticized the government of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party). “At this moment, Brazil is behind in everything, but also going back even more years”, he evaluated. “The policy in my country is the worst and we Brazilians are going to pay dearly for not removing these people with racist and homophobic speeches from the government.”

The presenter also took several other curiosities of the “hermanos”, as if they would accept posing nude again. “If I had the opportunity to do something artistic, beautiful, which I haven’t done yet, being careful not to expose myself, I could do it”, he said. “I don’t need to do it for the money or because I like to show off my mature woman’s body. I insist, I would do it if it were something different and with all the care in the world.”

About her biggest flaws, she confessed: “I’m headstrong, I talk a lot, I don’t know how to wait, and now that I’m old, I have no tolerance for stupidity.” For the future, she says she wants to move to a farm “away from everything and everyone” in Italy and release two books (one on veganism and the other for children), in addition to the next volumes of the project “Xuxa Só Pra Baixinhos”.

When answering if she would go back to work with Marlene Mattos, she was succinct: “No”. She also said that what she liked least about her career was “having to live with the envy and lack of respect of many people”.

“The truth is that certain people who worked with me took a lot of things from me, including my freedom,” he replied about whether he lost something because of his profession. “Because I believed it was the price I had to pay for working with my audience, which I loved and still love.”


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