Klara Castanho: Under pressure, Leo Dias apologizes and Antonia Fontenelle changes the tone


After strong pressure on the networks and threats of cancellation for having made public the violence suffered by actress Klara Castanho, presenter Antonia Fontenelle, 49, and columnist for the newspaper Metrópoles Leo Dias, 47, changed their tone. Antonia tried to explain herself and offered to help; Leo asked for forgiveness.

In an open letter published on her Instagram account this Saturday (25), Klara revealed that she was the victim of a rape, got pregnant and decided to keep the pregnancy. She gave the baby up for adoption. It was an answer, a clarification, to the repercussion caused by Fontenelle’s statements the day before.

The presenter had said, in a live, that she knew the story “of a 21-year-old global actress, who would have gotten pregnant and donated the child for adoption”. Although she didn’t name Klara by name, Fontenelle gave several hints about the identity of the main character of her gossip who, according to her, didn’t even want to “look at the child’s face”.

​It wasn’t difficult and it didn’t take long for the association to be made between the “global actress” and Klara, 21. She was part of the cast of soap operas like “Amor à Vida” [2012] and “Bite & Blow” [2011] and spent a good part of Saturday among the most talked about topics on the network. The rumor that she would be the person mentioned by Fontenelle was gaining strength until Klara decided to speak out, in a text published on Instagram.

“I can’t be silent when I see people conspiring and creating versions of repulsive violence and trauma I suffered,” she wrote at the beginning of the post, in which she describes, in detail, what happened – from rape to postpartum. Her account includes quoting “a columnist” who had received information from a nurse and called her shortly after giving birth, wanting more information.

After the release of the letter, Leo ran to the networks and gave more details about the case. He erased what he had written hours later. Antonia, aware of the repercussion of the case and even before Klara spoke, published a text in which she affronted the actress, still on Saturday (25).

“My B.Os, I assume, so do my children. Giving birth to a child and not wanting to see and have it spawned by chance IS A CRIME YES, only those who have never been to a shelter think it’s cute, besides
when it comes to a black child. The name of this is ABANDONO DE INCAPAZ”, posted the presenter.

The following day, Fontenelle, a candidate for federal deputy in Rio for the Republicans, changed her tone. “What came to me was not what you wrote in your open letter. When I did the live, I didn’t mention your name and what came to me was that a black child was delivered to a shelter and I know very well what who spends a black child in a shelter waiting for an adoption”.

She claimed to be against domestic violence, violence against children and women, and offered to help the actress. “It’s not internet chat, it’s not sealing. I don’t even want to accept it. I want to do everything possible and the impossible to put this rapist in jail. Let me help you. Your report that he suffered violence came to me now. Let me arrive to whoever did this to you and I have the means”. Antonia also said that she was not playing politics and did not apologize. “This is Antonia, mother, grandmother and wife”


The Metrópoles newspaper, where the columnist Leo Dias writes, also made a my fault. “In relation to Klara Castanho, we practice bad journalism”. The website also stated that “there is no justification to support the argument of public interest in knowing details about a story in which the only interested parties are the victim and her family”. He continued: “In this case, the Justice and the Public Ministry, who intervened to help Klara in the process of adopting the child”, declared the newspaper.

Leo Dias also published a text where he apologizes for what happened. Under the title “I need to explain myself to you and ask for forgiveness from Klara Castanho”, the columnist writes that he was wrong to publish the story and that he did not know that the actress had been the victim of a rape.

“Even if I knew everything from the beginning, I shouldn’t have written a single line about this story or made any comment about something I don’t have the right to say. pain of this woman. And for that, I sincerely ask Klara’s forgiveness”, wrote Dias.

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