Tsitsipas: Irony from the BBC – “The last Greek… philosopher”


Phrases, Twitter posts and… revelations about hair care from the Greek tennis player were used in the BBC article, a few days after the interview he had given to the same medium

“Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates… Tsitsipas: The last in the long list of Greek philosophers”. With the above sentence, the BBC satirizes the Greek tennis player, mentioning the remarks he has said or written in recent years and which – it is true – caused a sensation not only in Greece, but also outside the borders.

The BBC, where the Stefanos Tsitsipas had “revealed” the “secrets” about her care of his hairhe posted tweets of the Greek tennis player, with the… philosophies, suggestions and… strange things he has stated from time to time.

“An escalator and an electric toothbrush are two things that can stop working and achieve their original purpose,” is one sentence. “Avocados aren’t as good as guacamole,” is another. “Telling someone they’re growing a beard basically means they look better the less you see of their face,” is a third tweet, which used the BBC to highlight the… philosophical view of the Greek tennis player.

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