Charlene absent from the “Rose Ball”


The famous La Bal de la Rose, the traditions of Grace Kelly and the absence of Charlene, the subject of commentary in the bosom of the monarchy

THE Princess Charlene returned to Monaco after many months due to the adventure she had with her health due to complications of an ENT infection that was bothering her, staying away from her family for a long time due to face and jaw operations, which were taking place in other countries.

She celebrated her 11th wedding anniversary with Prince Albert a few days ago, but her recent absence from such an important social event made the public believe that the couple’s marriage is in danger.

In particular, the “Rose Ball” la Bal de la Rose, is an event started in 1954 by the Princess of Monaco, Grace, and takes place every year in Monte-Carlo.

Despite the fact that it was quite an important event, where several members of the royal family participated, the wife of Prince Albert was absent, which created different opinions.

Various publications speak of Cheryl’s bad relations with Caroline of Hanover, Albert’s older sister, with whom they co-host the evening every year. But in reality, she said in a recent interview, she is still in the recovery period and doesn’t want to push herself to do more than she can.

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