Justice accepts accusations of racism and homophobia against Nelson Piquet


The Federal District Court accepted the public civil action against former driver Nelson Piquet for racist and homophobic comments against English driver Lewis Hamilton, seven-time Formula 1 world champion. Four entities are seeking compensation of R$ 10 million for collective moral damages.

Judge Felipe Costa da Fonseca Gomes gave a period of 15 days for the former pilot to present a challenge to the action brought by the entities. “The circumstances of the case reveal that an agreement is unlikely at this embryonic stage”, said the magistrate, justifying the reason for not asking for conciliation.

Lawyer Marlon Reis stated that Piquet offended not only Hamilton, but the entire community and the values ​​of inclusion and diversity. In a new excerpt released from an interview with the former driver, he comments on the 1982 and 2016 F-1 seasons, which had Swedish Keke Rosberg and his son Nico Rosberg as champions, respectively.

This time, Piquet goes beyond racist speech and makes homophobic comments about the British pilot. “The neguinho should have been giving more oc* at that time, then it was kind of bad”, said the Brazilian, when commenting on Nico’s title. With the victory, he interrupted a series of titles for Hamilton, the “little black” in question.

“Hamilton’s response was elegant and precise, a call to action against all types of discrimination,” said the lawyer, who represents the National LGBTI+ Alliance, Abrafh, Educafro and Centro Santo.

The President Director of the National LGBTI+ Alliance, Toni Reis, said that it is necessary to fight against racism, which is a cousin of LGBTIphobia. “We have to face all forms of discrimination based on the intersectionality of people. Together we will win against LGBTIphobia, racism and other forms of discrimination.”

Piquet’s first racist speeches were aired in an interview given to journalist Ricardo Oliveira, in 2021. The video returned to the networks at the end of June and, in it, the former driver analyzes an accident at the British Grand Prix between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. At one point, he calls the English seven-time Formula 1 world champion a “neguinho”.

Piquet criticized Hamilton for not taking his foot off the first lap of the British GP at Copse, one of Silverstone’s most famous corners. The fact happened in July last year, when the two disputed the leadership of the competition. Piquet, who is Verstappen’s father-in-law, daughter Kelly’s boyfriend, accused the Englishman of having done a “fu*****”.

He also compared the crash of the cars with the confusion that had happened with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix in 1990. [o outro piloto desviar]”. Senna didn’t do that. Senna left straight away. The black guy left the car because there was no way to pass two cars on that curve. He played a dirty trick. [ Verstappen].You did a f**king shit”, Piquet shot.

At the end of the season in December, Dutchman Max Verstappen claimed victory at the Abu Dhabi GP and his first career world championship, overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the final lap.

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