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What to do if you have a calcium deficiency


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The calcium it is necessary for the proper functioning of your body. It circulates with the blood and is necessary for the contraction of muscles, including the heart. So as you can see, it is vitally important.

It is also essential for your skeleton, as it strengthens it and makes the bones more durable, while it is also necessary for the nerves. And of course, it is necessary during pregnancy, for the development of the fetus.

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So if you are a vegetarian or if you just don’t like milk, then you will definitely have a problem at some point. Because although all foods have some amount of calcium, your body needs huge amounts every day, which it draws mainly from your bones.

So if you don’t replenish these amounts, then at some point your calcium stores will run out. And then other problems will appear, such as osteoporosis, neurological issues and others.

The ideal

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The ideal amount of calcium depends mainly on your age. A baby has different needs, a 30-year-old has different needs, and a 50-year-old has different needs. And certainly, a woman who is pregnant needs another amount.

According to the Osteoporosis Foundation, women up to 20 need one gram a day, while after 50 the recommended dose rises to 1.2 grams a day.

For men up to 70 years of age, the required amount is 1 gram per day and after 70, 1.2 grams per day. For children and pregnant women, the dosage goes up of course.

And as little as one gram sounds, it is not. It’s a lot, if you imagine that a glass of milk contains about 300 micrograms, that is 0.3 grams.

The basics

Calcium is contained in large quantities mainly in milk. But it is also present in other foods.

According to Medical News Today, foods that contain a decent amount of calcium include:



– Sardines


-Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli, watercress.

-Nuts and especially almonds.

-Seeds, such as chia, sesame.



-Corn flour and corn products, such as tortillas.

The alternative

If, again, you are one of those who have rejected milk and dairy products -for whatever reason-, let us inform you that there are alternative solutions for you on the market.

For example, there is the solution of modified foods, which have been enriched with extra calcium. Juices and cereals, even cookies and bars, are some of these foods. Also, soy, coconut or oat milk are delicious and nutritious alternatives to milk.

Of course, whatever calcium-enriched one you choose, you should first check the content of extra calcium, but also of sugar.

Also, there is always the alternative of supplements. But it would be good to ask your doctor, to indicate the best.

In general, we suggest you try to increase your calcium with natural sources and then, if you want to move on to something more specialized. After all, there are several suggestions, even for those of you who have specific preferences.

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