Supposed kisses from Jade and Medina and Yasmin Brunet and Léo Picon stir up the party


After the kiss between Yasmin Brunet, 34, and João Guilherme, 20, rocked the web earlier this week, now an alleged kiss between Jade Picon, 20, and Gabriel Medina, 28, has become a topic for internet users. The two would have stayed on the night of this Wednesday (20) in a bar in São Paulo.

In addition, Brunet would also have exchanged kisses with Jade’s brother, Leo Picon, 26. All of this would have happened at the Galleria Bar, the establishment of the first-time actress’s brother, where he works as a DJ some nights of the week.

“Jade taking Medina and Leo taking Yasmin, after she took Xamã and João Guilherme, who already stayed with Jade. The famous love life is very busy. Dead Envy”, wrote an internet user about the situation.

This is not the first time rumors have surfaced of an affair between Jade and the surfer. “Imagine meeting Yasmin Brunet, Jade, Leo Picon and Medina?” wrote another. Despite this, Leo Picon went to the Let’s Gossip profile on Instagram and denied that he would have kissed the model.

“Yasmin Brunet is a wonderful woman who was really there, very fine people, elegant, fragrant, always a pleasure to be with her, but… It’s a lie. Facts are facts”, wrote the digital influencer. Jade and Gabriel Medina did not comment on the rumors.

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