Juliano Cazarré says he suffers prejudice in the artistic world for being Catholic


Juliano Cazarré, 41, is a practicing Catholic and surprised the presenter Ana Maria Braga by saying that he suffers prejudice in the artistic environment because of his religiosity. The revelation came during his participation in the program “Mais Você” this Monday (25), when the singer spoke about his faith in the recovery of his one-month-old daughter, Maria Guilhermina, from heart surgery.

“It’s not an easy walk to be a Catholic in the artistic world, people find it very strange. I get beaten up every now and then”, he shot. “It’s funny that when I went back to church, several years ago, I said ‘that’s cool, I’m going back to the church in Brazil, it’s going to be very good, I’m going to receive a lot of affection’. But I receive every blow, too, every stone. “, began Julian.

Juliano also spoke about the live broadcasts on social networks that he does, praying: “When we put love for God first, your love for others increases. When you understand that there is something greater that loves you, you understand, things here on Earth they start to enter the place.”, explained the actor who was moved by the gift given by Ana Maria, a representation of Saint Joseph and the baby Jesus.

​Alcides’ interpreter in the novel “Pantanal” recalled when he started the process of conversion to Catholicism and that he even helped in the marriage with Letícia Cazarré. “We had Gaspar [terceiro filho do casal], was converted, and thought: ‘Yes, we are going to have the children that God sends’. Where eats one, eats four, eats five, let’s go,” he concluded.

Juliano Cazarré and his wife are the parents of Vicente, Inácio, Gaspar, Maria Madalena and Maria Guilhermina, the youngest, who was born on June 21 and has a rare disease called Ebstein Anomaly, which affects the tricuspid valve of the heart. Maria Guilhermina had to undergo heart surgery and is still in recovery.

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