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Mateus Solano says he suffered with a lost passion for Seu Jorge


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Mateus Solano has suffered for love like any other person, but the actor still has a heartbreak in his memory. He said he lost a childhood crush to Seu Jorge during a concert by the singer in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, a few years ago.

“There was a girl that I wanted to be with since childhood and, suddenly, I find her in the middle of a Seu Jorge concert. She was already more there than here and she kissed me that I was floored, thinking : ‘Damn, finally! I’ve liked this girl since school’. There was a kiss, another kiss, three kisses…”, recalled the actor during his participation in the podcast “Can I Send Audio?”.

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Solano, 41, admitted he was excited about the girl. But at one point in the show, she warned that she needed to make a quick exit. The girl even asked the actor to hold her bag and disappeared. “I was there enjoying Seu Jorge’s show with her bag, with the certainty that I would find her again, after all I had the bag, but she didn’t come back”, said the actor.

Hours later, he discovered that that childhood passion had left the place with Seu Jorge himself. Recently, the singer and actor won the Grande Otelo Trophy for his performance in “Marighella”, a film that marks Wagner Moura’s debut as a filmmaker.

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Mateus Solano now remembers the story with a lot of humor. “Today I’ve been married for almost 15 years, my life is in another one. But, while single, I promised myself that I would never hold anyone’s purse again at Seu Jorge’s concert”, he joked.

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