Little lady fan of Anitta takes the stage, dances, rolls and goes viral: ‘Icônica!’


Her name is Marli Gomes da Silva, but you can just call her Marli. Or rather, Aunt Marli. So she introduced herself to Anitta when she was invited to go from the gargle queue to the stage, during the singer’s show this Saturday (20), in Rio. It could be just a shy appearance, but Tia Marli showed there, in a few minutes, that she has such “star quality”, and stole the show.

Not only did she roll at the same cadence as Anitta (Ok, almost at the same pace), but she also made moves known only to insiders in the funk world, such as the choreography of “Envolver”, the singer’s recent hit. Anitta, dumbfounded, didn’t seem to believe what she was seeing and decided to give the fan a poster during the song’s break. “What’s your name, Aunt?” she asked her.

And she replied: “My name is Marli Gomes da Silva and I’m from Rio Grande do Norte”. Anita praised:
“And it’s here pumping at the VIP Girl [nome da festa]”. Marli then took the cue: “My daughter, it was my dream. I’m going to pop the balloon’s mouth. It’s just tchuco tchuco on it”, the little lady cheered up, making a back-and-forth motion with her hands.

She even had the time (and presence of mind) to launch a “Criticizing Marli is easy, I want to see it be Marli” and a bold “You thought I wasn’t going to shake my ass today, did you?”.

Anita laughed. The audience roared, and Tia Marli then went dancing once more. She got in the middle of Anitta and another dancer and rolled again, holding the singer’s butt, put her hand on her knee and squatted down, made the accordion movement, opened the split… It shone. The impression given by the dancing aunt was that she was totally at home and would not leave.

But Anitta, even having fun with all that, needed to continue the show. “Say goodbye to your audience that loves you, go”, she asked. “Make noise for Tia Marli, people!”, Anitta said, laughing so hard that she even coughed. The scenes, of course, went viral.

“Aunt marli doing in 5 minutes what other artists haven’t done in their entire career,” commented a Twitter user. “Aunt Marli only had a jumpsuit, a ticket to the front stage and a dream,” wrote another. “Legend”, “icon” and “diva” were other adjectives used by Anitta’s fans. And now, from Tia Marli too.

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