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What Are Happy Hormones And How To Hack Them


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Completely controlling one’s hormones is not possible. However, specific lifestyle choices can significantly affect them.

“Laugh, hug someone and get some sun”. It’s probably the most common advice on days when you’re in a bad mood, but also the end of every conversation about hormones.

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And while you can find hundreds of lists of simple steps to a balanced routine on social media, recently another term has been added to deal with everyday stress. The one of “hormone hacking”.

It is about the ability we have to drastically change how we feel but also how we react to the various scenarios in our lives. But what is actually true about what we call “happiness hormones”? Can we influence our mood and if so, to what extent?

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Doctor Margarita Kitova-John as well as therapist and author Marisa Peer explain to UK Zoella what these hormones are and how we can help their production.

How do hormones work?

“They are essentially chemical messengers in the body,” says Dr. Margarita on hormones, explaining that they can affect in various ways, not only our organs, but also our mood, metabolism and even sexual functions. “Even a small amount of hormones can cause a big reaction in the cells of the whole body” he adds, citing as an example the importance of insulin in the digestive process, and not only.

Can I influence them?

Completely controlling one’s hormones is not possible. However, as she notes, certain lifestyle choices can significantly affect them.

Thus, a diet high in protein and lower in refined carbohydrates is beneficial for lowering insulin. At the same time, when cortisol and adrenaline are at high levels due to stress, then meditation, deep breathing and even laughter can work soothingly. These are symptoms that are often encountered, also due to the intensely stressful everyday life experienced by modern societies.

What one should remember, is that the various hormones interact with each other, making it difficult to regulate any of them individually.

Are there “happy hormones”?

It is common for a group of hormones to be referred to as “happiness hormones”, because of the pleasant feelings they are associated with. Some of them, according to the author Marisa Peer, are the following:

Dopamine: It is related to the feeling of motivation and affects – among other things – how we respond to stress and pain.

Oxytocin: It is also characterized as a hormone of calmness and love. This particular hormone is secreted every time we have some physical contact, it strengthens the feeling of trust, it helps to fight stress while it is associated with childbirth and breastfeeding.

Serotonin: In addition to its well-known contribution to the quality of sleep, serotonin affects mood, digestion and the ability to train. When it is at low levels, the feelings of fatigue and sadness are more intense.

Endorphins: They help boost happiness and deal with stress. A decrease in their production is also associated with depression.

According to the therapist, as with everything else, there should be a balance to approach a healthier lifestyle.

Everything you can do in your everyday life

Guided by what was mentioned, you can incorporate some activities into your daily life, which will help you create new habits in your life.

One of them is sports and especially aerobic exercise in the fresh air. The correct food intake (such as nuts, white meat, fresh fruits and vegetables) but a stable sleep schedule are two more important factors in stabilizing your daily life. Sex and laughter will boost your oxytocin and reduce stress hormones. Oxytocin is also secreted when you work with your pet or caress it, while a massage would offer you relaxation and relief due to oxytocin and endorphins.

What, of course, is the beginning of every practice and habit is the advice of your personal doctor.

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