Celebrities show solidarity with Vera Magalhães after Bolsonaro’s attack


Celebrities show solidarity with journalist Vera Magalhães, presenter of the program Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, after she was attacked by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for reelection, in the debate on Band. He did not like a question from the journalist about the importance of vaccination against Covid in the country.

“Vera, I couldn’t expect anything else from you, you sleep thinking about me. You are a disgrace to Brazilian journalism. You are already appealing,” Bolsonaro said.

The candidate also said that Vera colluded with corruption at the CPI, which investigated spending in the Covid-19 pandemic. “You hid Carlos Gabas, who embezzled the R$50 million and was not investigated by the CPI. You are a disgrace to the Federal Senate. And I’m not attacking women, no. .

Presenter Fátima Bernardes showed solidarity with the journalist on Twitter. “It is not the first time that women journalists have been attacked by this government,” wrote Fátima on the social network. “Bolsonaro is a misogynist with Vera Magalhães. He attacks the journalist instead of responding,” wrote journalist Kennedy Alencar.

Sandra Annenberg said that she makes Fatima’s words her own. “We can no longer allow misogyny anywhere. Let’s not be intimidated, women are the majority of the Brazilian population. We are strong! Vera Magalhães, my solidarity.”

Journalist Reinaldo Azevedo asks Vera to make amends. “Debate organizers owe Vera Magalhães an apology. It’s not corporatism. It’s decency,” he wrote.

In another post, he said that Bolsonaro’s attack on the journalist is disgusting and a lie. “Vera is one of the most competent and intellectually honest journalists. Even when I disagree and she is absolutely right,” he said. “I know you just wanted to ask a question. And you made Bolsonaro Bolsonaro,” he added.

Midia Ninja shared on its Twitter profile support for Vera. “All our solidarity with the journalist Vera Magalhães! It’s absurd what the genocider did and always does with women! Nobody deserves to deal with an imbecile, sexist, authoritarian, incompetent like this president!”

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