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Hangover Cure: What It Is and How to Treat It


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But what is it that makes us feel so exhausted?

Some of us have come back from a banging session like we worked an extra 8 hours at the office in the same day. It may not happen after every session or to everyone but some of us can really relate to this exhaustion after meeting with a mental health professional.

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However, if you take a closer look online, you’ll realize that this is a fairly common experience. Also known as a “therapy hangover,” this drop in energy after a therapy session has been the subject of many tweets and Instagram posts over the past couple of years. You only need to search for the words “hangover therapy” on Twitter.

But what is it that makes us feel so exhausted?

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Chance Marshall, therapist and partner at Self Space, tells Stylist that it’s all about the barriers and boundaries to overcome in the ups and downs of a therapy session.

“I call this feeling of fatigue a kind of psychological growing pains,” he explains. “Development is difficult. Painful experiences are difficult. It’s hard to deal with huge changes and adversity. And healing is also a difficult process.”

He continues: “When we start psychotherapy, we often do it to learn more about ourselves. But knowing more about ourselves is not always an easy process. When we discover new things about ourselves – whether positive or negative – we can often feel a little uncomfortable. Accepting some things or the changes we have to make is not an easy road.”

Although these “side effects” of treatment may sound unpleasant, they are a small price to pay for the benefits that treatment can provide – so we should not let this psychological fatigue stop us from seeking the support we need. Besides, it is not bad after a session to take the time to lie down or rest in a quiet place – this allows us to take some time with ourselves and process the new information.

Marshall says another way to deal with a “cure hangover” is to take some time to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us. “You should take care of yourself more than you would otherwise. Seek understanding instead of advice, go gaze at the sky and take time to do nothing. You could even write, sing, dance, jot down notes in a journal. It may take time, but soon, this adjustment to our new, enlarged self becomes much more familiar and we begin to integrate.”

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