Four reasons to exercise with friends


Research has shown that exercising with friends can be much more beneficial.

With the new season starting, it’s almost certain that you’ve been thinking seriously among all the new beginnings you want to make, to finally become the gym man that you always dreamed of and to include it in your schedule and everyday life.

However, many factors hold you back such as lack of motivation, stress and fatigue, but research has shown that exercising with a group can be much more beneficial than exercising on an individual level, both psychologically and physically, and in improving health. Of course the main condition is choosing the “right” company– you need someone determined to exercise to motivate you too.

If you still haven’t been convinced to take your bestie/colleague/sister and start together, I have some key advantages for you that will surely change your mind.

1. When you work out with friends, and even more so when you participate in group programs, you have more mood and you relax. At the end of the workout, your body is flooded with endorphins, and you feel well-being and freed from the stress that weighed you down at the beginning.

2. It’s more fun, and the environment is definitely with more energy and good vibes. After all, as social beings by nature, we enjoy much more and perform just as much more when we do something with company. So, you come out a multiple winner: better physical condition, elevated mood and socialization.

3. She is a chance to try something new. Precisely because you will find yourself with people who have more or less different personalities and ideas, it is possible that they will motivate you to start or dare to try a type of fitness or some exercise, which under other circumstances you would not even consider.

4. You show more consistency, so you exercise more regularly than you expected. You have a greater motivation both to go and to complete the exercise and this happens because you know that someone is waiting for you, someone you will see, while it is much better to try in the company of others, than alone.

It is clear that the benefits of exercising with friends, and even more so in a group program, are many, and with so much variety in types of exercise, spaces and intensity, there is nothing holding you back. Seize the opportunity and start the fitness you like today!

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