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4 tips to keep your white jeans clean


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We love our white jeans in summer, autumn and with the right styling we use them in winter as well

White jeans are like a magnet for stains. If you get dirty make sure you deal with it immediately. If you’re on the go or at work, make sure you have a topical stain stick with you in your bag or at your desk. Otherwise, soak the stain (if you can’t get the pants off with a white towel or cloth) in warm water and add a few drops of clear soap or shampoo.

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He kept his whiteness

If your white jeans are starting to fade or look not so white, try mixing 4 quarts of warm water with 1 cup of baking soda, then soak them for 8 hours. This solution can also work for your other white clothes.

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Wash the white jeans separately

Wash white jeans separately from colored clothes in the washing machine. This simple step can preserve the quality of the white color for longer.

Hang your pants in the sun

The sun has a bleaching effect on colors, so for additional bleaching, take advantage of the sun.

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