Tereza Seiblitz denies André Gonçalves about agreement regarding daughter’s pension: ‘It was not concluded’


Actress Tereza Seiblitz decided to deny André Gonçalves about a possible settlement in court regarding the pension debt of the ex-couple’s daughter, Manuela Seiblitz. The actor, who is a candidate for state deputy in Rio de Janeiro for the Green Party, recently said that the renegotiation of the payment had been completed. “Manuela’s father still hasn’t paid what he owes”, revealed Seiblitz.

She also explained in an interview with Jornal O Globo this Monday (12) that the agreement “has always been the wish” of her eldest daughter, but it had not yet come to an end. Last Wednesday (7), André removed the electronic anklet after serving 60 days of house arrest for non-payment of alimony.

At the time, Danielle Winits’ husband informed that he had closed a deal with Manuela. “I already have a deal done with the older one and I’m finishing making a deal with the younger one. I’m really excited,” he explained.

In addition to Manuela, the actor also has debts with his daughter Valentina, the result of his marriage to journalist Cynthia Benini. She files another lawsuit against André Gonçalves in the Justice of Santa Catarina and the values ​​of the debts with the two heiresses would exceed R$ 450 thousand.

Gonçalves and Benini met at the second edition of Casa dos Artistas (SBT), in 2002. They stayed together until 2006. In addition to their two daughters, he is the father of Pedro Arthur with Myrian Rios. Since 2016, the actor has been married to Danielle Winits.

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