André Gonçalves takes a walk with Danielle Winits after removing the electronic anklet


André Gonçalves, 46, celebrated his freedom with a romantic walk with Danielle Winits, 48. The two had lunch at a restaurant in Leblon (south zone of Rio), exchanged kisses on the sidewalk and posed for paparazzi, something that hadn’t happened for a few months, as the actor was under house arrest.

Gonçalves stayed at home for 60 days, being monitored by an electronic anklet. The device was removed on the 6th and, since then, he started to do leafleting in the streets of his campaign for state deputy for the Green Party.

The actor’s arrest was due to debts related to the child support of his daughter Valentina, 18, from his marriage to Cynthia Benini, 49. In July, he even spent a night in a public jail in the north of Rio de Janeiro.

The actor’s eldest daughter —Manuela, 23, from his relationship with Tereza Seiblitz—, also charges a debt in court for the same reason. Gonçalves is also the father of Pedro, 20, the result of a relationship with Myrian Rios, 63.

On the occasion of the removal of the anklet, Gonçalves told the newspaper O Globo that he had reached an agreement to pay the debt with his eldest daughter and that he was in the process of doing the same with the youngest. However, Tereza Seiblitz told the newspaper that the actor had not yet paid what he owed.

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