Samara Felippo says she was not born to be monogamous and reveals an open relationship

Samara Felippo says she was not born to be monogamous and reveals an open relationship

Actress Samara Felippo, 43, revealed that she has been a fan of open relations for seven years. She currently has a relationship with the comedian Elídio Sanna of the group Os Barbixas. Besides her, more famous people have already revealed to have open relationships.

In an interview with Rafinha Bastos on the More than 8 Minutes channel on YouTube, she gave more details on how she sees her relationship.

“I’m not at the level of saying we’re super open. It’s already happened [envolvimento com outra pessoa] and it wasn’t a problem. The partnership needs to understand the place that bothers, but it’s not easy. There is always the possibility that your partner will fall in love with someone else,” he said.

According to her, being with just one person is not for her. “We were not born to be monogamous. I know it is taboo for many people I know, but what is this jealousy that becomes proof of love?”, he asked.

“I’m free, and my boyfriend understands that well. We haven’t been together for seven years for nothing. There are limits, there are agreements. There are situations that aren’t so comfortable and that’s talked about,” he added.

Before Elídio, Samara was married to basketball player Leandrinho, with whom she has two daughters and a friendly relationship. He lives in the United States.

In the same interview, Samara spoke about situations of sexism and harassment that she has seen and faced in her years working in television.

“Today I look back and see the abuses I went through, machismo, things that we never saw at the time. I see friends who lost roles because they didn’t give them to the director. There was this place”, began the actress during the interview without citing names of directors or broadcasters.

“There was a place where I sat down to get a part and the person said: ‘You were going to play the main character, but you don’t look like a virgin.’ Does a virgin have a face?”, he asked. Felippo continued by saying that it is difficult to talk about the subject openly, as it can harm other actresses and his own career.


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