Arthur Picoli says he won’t be called ‘propped up’ after blocking Carla Diaz

Arthur Picoli says he won’t be called ‘propped up’ after blocking Carla Diaz

Former BBC Arthur Picoli, 27, used his social media on Monday night (6) to vent, saying he would no longer be called “propped up”. The speech was interpreted by fans as confirmation that he had blocked actress Carla Diaz, 31, from the networks.

“At least now things will stop there, people calling me ‘propped up’, right, ‘little news’ there, ‘little interview’ there,” he said in the video. After the 21st edition of Big Brother Brasil (Globo), many fans of the actress accused Picoli of benefiting from her fame during their approach on the reality show.

“And peace, and love, old man. I carry no one’s hate. We’re up there together, thanks,” he added. The two stopped following each other on Instagram recently, and after the video, many consider Picoli blocked the artist.

“Arthur is ‘fucking up’ for Carla, leave him alone, he’s even blocked her,” wrote one netizen. “Say what you want, but I love Arthur Picoli from BBB. The woman [Carla] came up with the other one, and he did exactly as we all would: Blocked and is posting indirection in Stories,” said another.

Picoli is participating in the three days of the Farofa da Gkay party, which takes place in Fortaleza, Ceará. In another record, he appeared singing the song “Revoada no Colchão” by Zé Felipe and Marcynho Sensação, and this was also understood as an indirect for the actress.

“You can avoid me, you can block me. But you won’t be able to delete me from the heart. You can even kiss, but then you’ll call wanting that one of ours… here no daughter of a bitch,” said the ex-BBB in the video.

Earlier on Monday, the actress posted a tweet summarizing her day. “Notes about today: I came here happy, I received a sea of ​​Khadijas, I started to follow several pages that always gave me love, I was blocked and we stopped at the most discussed topics with Carla Diaz and Khadija…”, he wrote. In the comments, several fans and netizens asked if she had been blocked by Picoli.


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