“Wild Land”: Premiere on Monday, September 19 and every day at 18.50, on SKAI – See trailer and photos


The story begins 28 years ago, when the ten-year-old son of Petros Galanis (Giorgos Gallos), owner of the “Agria Plagia” estate, is kidnapped in front of his six-year-old girlfriend Elpida

A ruthless woman in the hunt for power and wealth. A man who lost family and property in a violent way and seeks justice for all that was taken from him. A girl looking for her childhood friend and their carefree back. Everyday people in extreme situations. Sensitive people with a need for justification. Cruel people with a thirst for revenge. A love that begins amidst conflicts, lies and well-kept secrets.

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The new drama series “Wild Land” premieres on Monday 19 September and will be broadcast daily at 18.50 on SKAI.

The story begins 28 years agowhen his ten-year-old son Petrou Galanis (Giorgos Gallos), owner of the “Agria Plagia” estate, is kidnapped in front of his six-year-old girlfriend Elpida.

28 years later, Hope (Panagiota Vitetzakis) is married to Wreath (Petros Skarmeas) and has a son. “Wild Side” now belongs to her mother Olga Griva (Duke Zeta), who was then Peter’s secretary. Olga, immediately after the tragedy that struck the Galani family and the abduction of their son, married Anthony (Christodoulos Stylianou), giving birth to their son Alexis (George Koskorellos). Elpida, however, never forgot her childhood friend.

At the same time, Mr Aris Markou (Stefanos Michael) a professional soldier, who undertakes missions in Africa, falls into an ambush and is injured, in his attempt to save the life of his friend and colleague, Manu (Thanasis Patriarch). Ares is tormented by nightmares of the past that haunt his life. Nightmares that will soon come to life.

Aris, shocked, learns after so many years who is behind his kidnapping and the destruction of his family and returns to the “Wild Side” determined to take revenge. A domino of dramatic developments begins…

The musical score of the series is signed by the most successful composer of his generation, Phivos.

“Wild Land” Premiere on Monday 19 September Daily at 18.50, on SKAI

Starring: Zeta Douka (Olga Griva), Stefanos Michael (Aris Markou), Panagiota Vitetzaki (Elpida Griva), Orestis Tziovas (Georgos Harisis), Thanasis Patriarcheas (Manos Petalas), Leda Matsangou (Rosa Griva), Christodoulos Stylianou (Antonis Karas), Kostas Falelakis (Mihalis Markou), Nikos Arvanitis (Grigoris Fotiadis), Stratos Tzorgoglou (Thomas Zafiriou), Nicoletta Vlavianou (Filio Milioni), Eleni Marsidou (Athina Tsami), Petros Skarmeas (Stefanos Zafiriou), Elena Asimakopoulou (Rena Sereti), Ivan Svitailo (Christos Tsakiris), George Koskorellos (Alexis Karas), Alexandros Davilas (Vangelis Fotiadis), Nastia Vrachati (Anna Asimakou), Nikolas Vassiliadis (Loukas Kehagias), Anna Maria Iliadou (Katerina Harisi), etc.
In the role of Myrto Tsoukala: Maria Zorba
In the role of Areti Kara: Sofi Zanninou
In the role of Petros Galanis, George Gallos

Scenario: Maria Georgiadou
Directed by: Linos Christodoulou, George Kikidis
Production supervisor: Natalie Getimian
Production Execution: Pedio Productions
Executive Producer: Stavros Kapelouzos



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