Giovanna Ewbank publishes photo sunbathing topless in the Maldives Islands


Giovanna Ewbank, 35, sparked the imagination of followers with a photo posted this Wednesday (8) on social networks. In the image, the actress and presenter appears on her back, doing topless, in a click made in the Maldives Islands.

“BUMDinha girls”, he joked in the caption of the photo. Giovanna is in the heavenly place with her husband, Bruno Gagliasso. “Mom and Dad are on vacation and without the puppies… a mix of ‘it’s great to enjoy my husband’ and ‘no, no, wait, I think I’d rather stay,'” she said recently.

The click, by the way, was made by the husband, who also replaced the images. In the publication’s comments, praise poured in from both the anonymous and the famous. “What perfection!” said Didi Wagner. “I thought it was me,” joked Ivete Sangalo.

The presenter also used social media to talk to followers about the trip. “This is the first time we’ve been without the baby for so long, right?”, he said referring to the youngest, Zyan. “Titi and Bless are more used to it, but I miss them immensely, I even suggested that we shorten the trip.”

She also ensured that, even though the images hide it, she has stretch marks. “I have super since my teens and increased in pregnancy…chest and ass, but that was never an issue for me,” he stated.


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