Farm 13: Aline, Mileide and Solange dispute the land; vote in the poll

Farm 13: Aline, Mileide and Solange dispute the land;  vote in the poll

Aline Mineiro, Mileide Mihaile and Solange Gomes compete to stay at A Fazenda 13 (Record) this week. One of the three will be the twelfth eliminated from the program and leaves the competition this Thursday (9).

Dynho Alves, who had been nominated by the previous farmer, Rico Melquiades, managed to get rid of the hot seat because he won the last Farmer’s Test. Before the start of the race, by the way, the presenter Adriane Galisteu warned that this would be the last race of its kind this season.

In the voting on Tuesday (7), Bil Araújo (Arcrebiano) had been the most voted by his colleagues, with 4 votes. Because of that, he had the right to pull a person from the stall, opting for Aline. Solange, in turn, was left in the dynamics of the remaining one and occupied the fourth bench.

However, before ending the formation of the garden, Dynho discovered that, having received the power of the red flame, he should exchange one of the workers who were in the field, except the one indicated by the farmer (in this case himself), for another one that was safe. He left Bil for Mileide.

Solange was given the power to veto a pawn from playing in the Farmer’s Trial and chose Mileide. With that, Aline, Dynho and Solange were able to compete in this Thursday’s race.


The test that consecrated the new farmer consisted of picking fruits from a scenic orchard and placing them in a basket, one at a time. Each variety had a different value, which was advised to the participants at the beginning of the race. Although it seems simple, the participants took the test blindfolded.

At the end, Galisteu counted how many points each participant had managed to collect. Dynho scored 6,570 points, while Aline scored 4,750 points (her score was corrected after the end of the test, adding 10 more points) and Solange, 3,530 points. With that, he became the last farmer of the season.


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