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What October has in store for each zodiac sign


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One thing is for sure about October – what a month full of problems!

It is one of the most critical months to watch out for, as major changes will take place. A total of three planets (Mercury, Pluto, Saturn) and two asteroids end their retrograde course, fueling ambition and forward movement.

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Eclipse season also begins towards the end of the month, adding a dose of ‘energy’ to an already eventful October.

The season of Libra begins and we will want to spend time with people, as Libra is one of the most social signs. We will also seek pleasure and find it. With Mercury going direct on October 2nd after the third Mercury retrograde of 2022 and lover Venus incredibly strong until October 22nd, solving relationship problems and attracting love and romance is now much easier.

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October 22, in particular, is a favorable day for dating and even attracting the partner of our dreams, as Venus meets the Sun.

To end the month with a bang, the planet of abundance and luck Jupiter is retrograde and enters Pisces. This movement reawakens issues from earlier this year, bringing back situations that took place between December 28, 2021 and May 11, 2022.

But what will be done in detail for each sign?


If September left your heart feeling a little empty and incomplete, you’ll be able to finalize and fix some problems as the Sun and Venus bring light and closure to your relationship sector. The full moon on October 9th and October 22nd are key days to open your heart and start anew in this part of your life.


Your ruler, Venus, will be strong until October 22, bringing the perfect atmosphere to beautify your home and surroundings. October 22nd is an important day as Saturn goes direct in your career sector. Destiny plays a role this month, so trust the signs you receive.


From October 10th through the rest of the month, your fifth house of fun and romance will be activated, bringing you great dating opportunities. A new contract, agreement or professional commitment could arise.


On October 8, Pluto brings back a contract or partnership that didn’t quite materialize in late April. If you do end up signing something, try to do it between October 5th and October 30th. Destiny is calling your name this month, while from the end the work sector relaxes and you will rest.


Enjoy the sweet vibes that the beginning of the month offers you, Leo, especially around the October 9th full moon, which will open your mind to new possibilities. A partnership or contract that did not work in early June could now be activated, which will require more hours of work. A new beginning is on the horizon, so trust that what is happening now is fueling your future success.


From October 10 onwards, your finances are strengthened as Mercury brings you more opportunities to earn money. Jupiter boosts your luck in the relationship sector of your life as it enters the same sign on October 27, meaning you could focus deeply on that new deal or relationship for the rest of the year.


With the Sun and Venus in your sign for most of the month, you attract attention and find it easy to attract your heart’s desires. If you have big plans, make sure to plan them for October 22 because it is one of the luckiest days for you, of the whole year. If you’re in a serious relationship, discussions of money and deep intimacy could be on the cards.


Meditation and soul searching is definitely the way to go this month as you prepare to welcome your solar return (birthday) soon. The Sun and Venus enter your sign on October 23rd, rekindling your passion once again. Eclipses open and close doors – and the effects of this could have very good effects on your life for the next six months!


The people you meet could open doors for you, especially when it comes to your career. Have fun networking and dating, especially during the full moon on October 9th, and once the Scorpio season arrives on October 23rd, your mood will change. Your sense of spirituality is significantly enhanced at the end of the month.


For you, the season of Libra is in store for you to spend more time with your family and friends. This will be especially true at the full moon on October 9, when you may need to strike a balance between career time and family time. With just days to go before the transformative eclipse on October 25th, Saturn could signal the start of a six-month communication-related project to focus on.


On October 22, Saturn aligns, and from this moment, some responsibilities from the beginning of the year return. It’s time to build something that will stand the test of time. Your career sector is illuminated by the Oct. 25 solar eclipse in Scorpio, bringing an important start that could catapult you to success over the next six months. If a door opens, walk through it!


Your relationships heal this month as Mercury goes direct on October 2nd. If there is any restoration that needs to be done, look for it around October 5th for best results. Finally, Jupiter reenters your sign while retrograde, bringing back issues from earlier in the year (December 28-May 11).

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