Clown Day: On the road for 36 years, Patati Patatá celebrates the return of concerts

Clown Day: On the road for 36 years, Patati Patatá celebrates the return of concerts

Patati Patatá, the most famous clown duo in Brazil, has cheered children of different generations for over 36 years. They are an example of how the clown profession has changed over the years with the rings surpassing the circus tarpaulins and gaining TV, internet and even streaming platforms.

This Friday (10), Day of the Clown, the duo celebrates the date and remembers that several other artists with painted faces and colorful clothes brought laughter to several generations. Brazil has a large list of these artists, including the clown Carequinha, Bozo, Pimentinha, Picolino, among others.

“The Clown Day is a very special date, on which we can remember the history of great clowns who have already made our country happy”, says Patati. “Not to mention that it’s really cool to have a day just for us,” adds Patatá, laughing.

The clown Patati says that the child is the same regardless of the time, even with so many technological toys available today for them to play with. “We did have a transformation over time, but always treating the child as a child.”

Patatá agrees with his antics companion that the world evolved and everything changed, but the children are still the same. “The essence remains the same and we treat children as they should be treated, with love, joy and games”, he says.

The duo reveals that the secret to staying active for so long is to always bring a lot of music, joy and fun to the shows. “The important thing is to always do everything with great love and affection, always respecting the child’s ingenuity”, says Patatá.

During the pandemic, the duo Patati and Patatá invested even more in the production of digital content and lives. As a result, the clown duo became an internet phenomenon with 8 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and more than 90 million monthly views. On TikTok they have more than 470 thousand followers, who enjoy the short videos.

“During this period we were all at home, our number of followers increased, which was already large, but the cool thing is that our contact with them also increased, through lives on Instagram, our videos on YouTube, dances on TikTok”, says Patatá.

With the relaxation of sanitary protocols, the clowns returned to performing. First, in drive-in format in several capitals of Brazil. “We got everyone dancing, inside their cars and in their homes”, says Patatá. Now, they want to go back to making presentations in schools and throughout Brazil.

The artists have already performed throughout Brazil and abroad, in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico and Argentina. But those unable to attend the presentations can now enjoy watching Patati Patatá on digital platforms, daily on Rede Mais Família and on streaming channels such as Globoplay and Netflix.

“Actually, we try to be where the child is. If he is on the internet, we will be too. If he is at school with his friends, we will also be there, as the lyrics of our song say: ‘If you want to smile’ “, says Patati.

At the same time, the two clowns are defenders of social causes related to the environment and the fight against hunger in Brazil and in the world. Patati reveals that they also take joy in visiting people in hospitals and shelters in cities that perform concerts. “When they touch our nose, they say it looks like an apple and my hair like chips”, jokes Patatá.

The clown duo Patati Patatá was created in 1984. Over the course of their career, they have released 18 CDS, nine DVDs and are still successful on music platforms today. The brand has licensed more than 1,400 products in the most diverse categories, such as toys, clothing, household items, food, school supplies and party items.

Asked if they were always the same actors behind the painted faces and clothes of Patati Patatá, they replied jokingly, as would be expected. “I only know one Patati, who is always with me”, says Patatá. “And I only know one Patatá, my friend!”, says Patati.

On television, Patati Patatá led children’s programs on SBT for ten years, such as Carrossel Animado, Bom Dia e Cia and Parque Patati Patatá. And they also had a series produced by Discovery Kids, which was an audience leader among the kids.


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