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Love Island: Read about the Islander who came to try his luck at love – The surprises… continue! (video)


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Panagiotis’ entry into the villa surprised the Islanders who welcomed him positively. Will they keep their attitude in the new episode of Love Island tonight at 11.15pm when he announces his choice?

The new Islander stated from the first moment that there is a girl who has won his interest but now it’s time to date the girls. But before he goes ahead he wants to clear things up with the boys.

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Alexandros L.’s relationship with Niki is in turmoil as the tensions between them do not let up with Claudia adding fuel to the fire. Alexandros K., on the other hand, has been disturbed by his girlfriend’s date with Panagiotis and is waiting to see what happens next, while George G. decides to try again to approach Anastasia.

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Iliana’s entrance into the villa also marks the time of Panagiotis’ choice. Which player will be single tonight? But the game’s love guard never leaves without saying the last word… A new surprise comes to Love island and brings turmoil!

The Islander who came to try his luck in love

Name: Panagiotis Avramopoulos
Age: 30 years old
Profession: Windsurfing coach
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Celebrity Crush: Margot Robbie

Panagiotis lives in Athens and has 2 younger brothers. At the age of 18, he moved to Lixouri to study at the Department of Sound Technology and Musical Instruments. He loves traveling while he declares and is unpredictable since at the age of 26 he decided to go to London for 3 days and ended up staying for 3 years…

From a young age he was involved in sports such as basketball and tennis while while he was in England he worked on a golf course. His great love is windsurfing, in which he even became a coach.

He is competitive, spontaneous, courageous, resourceful, and dynamic.

He claims to be “mischievous” and likes to “play” quite a bit when he’s not in a relationship. He has had some great relationships but he still hasn’t found the woman who will excite him. The dumplings he eats from the girls usually hurt him.

He comes to Love Island to try his luck in love. Finding his other half which – as he says – is difficult.

Love Island… spread the love! Every Tuesday to Saturday at 23:15, at .

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