The Madness of Sayo by Jean Girondou at the Pallas Theatre


The leading role of Sayo’s “Crazy” – known as Oreli – is taken by Elisabeth Konstantinidou, who will embody the struggle of an eccentric Parisian woman

The emblematic play by Jean Girondou, one of the greatest French dramatists of the interwar period, will be presented at the Pallas Theater from December 15, directed by Petros Zoulias.

The leading role of Sayo’s “Crazy” – known as Oreli – is taken by Elisavet Konstantinidou, who will embody the struggle of an eccentric Parisian woman, against every form of power that affects our lives. She is joined by Nikos Moutsinas in the role of Rakosyllektis, a street theater demon, and Athena Oikonomakou, in the role of the sweet and sensitive Irma, a Parisian prostitute with a pure soul, like a little child.

The protagonists of the show are Yannis Samsiaris, Kostas Kazakas, Christina Tsafou, Stella Gikas, Stathis Mantzoros, Prodromos Tosounidis, Efthimis Georgopoulos and nine other actors.

Oreli, the genius “crazy” from the Saillot region in the French Trocadero, is an unpretentious, idealist who sees the world as beautiful and happy.

When she learns of the plan of a group of corrupt corporate executives and cynical businessmen who plan to mine Paris for the oil they believe lies beneath its streets, she mobilizes all her friends, who, like her, resist his rule money, and sets a trap for her enemies, into which she leads and destroys them, as they are blinded by their greed.

“Which would you rather have in your backyard: an almond tree or an oil well?”

Petros Zoulias, once again confronts the classic masterpiece of Girondos and brings it to today, underlining its topicality, in the times we are going through.

The directorial vision of Zulias – in a brand new adaptation of the same for the stage of Pallas, Evanthia Reboutsika undertakes to musically frame it, putting her own unique stamp with the original musical composition and her songs, in the rhythms of which the troupe of the performance gets involved. The sets are handled by Maria Filippou, the costumes by Deni Vahliotis, the lighting design by Melina Masha, and the kinesiology guidance by Kiki Baka.

“Sayo’s Madman” was one of Katina Paxinos’ greatest performance successes, with Alexis Minotis by her side, at the National Theater in 1966. Fifteen years later (1981), Andreas Voutsinas, for the K.Th.B. E., gave new life to the play, with the protagonist Despo Diamantidou, in a historical interpretation. Antigoni Valakou and Anna Panagiotopoulou have also performed the title role of “Sayo’s Madness” for the National Theatre.

The inspired and always topical text of “The Madness of Sayo”, without fear or passion, scorches the adventurism that we find in all the expressions of our socio-political path, such as you have recorded in recent years and paves the way for the predominance of humanity over opportunistic profit , highlighting as the only way the acceptance and formation of a society of solidarity and mutual respect.

THE MADNESS OF SAGIO by Jean Girondoux

Pallas Theatre

FROM 15.12.2022

Adaptation – Directed by: Petros Zoulias
Scenery: Maria Filippou
Costumes: Deni Vahliotis
Music: Evanthia Reboutsika
Lighting: Melina Masha
Motion: Kiki Baka
Assistant Director: Marianna Toundasaki
Photos: Elina Yunanli
Graphic design: Indigo Creative
In the role of “Madness of Sayos”, Elisavet Konstantinidou
Nikos Moutsinas is a shell collector
Irma Athena Economakou
Yannis Samsiaris, Kostas Kazakas, Christina Tsafou, Stella Ghika,
Stathis Mantzoros, Prodromos Tosounidis, Efthymis Georgopoulos
With them (alphabetically):
Fani Georgakopoulou, Georgia Kallergi, Vassilis Lemberos,
Makis Patelis, Christina Petroleka, Yiannis Sampsalakis,
Giorgos Tsourounakis, Michalis Filippou
Maria Reboutsika sings live

PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE Wednesday & Sunday at 19:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 21:00

TICKETS from €15

Communications & Public Relations Department Olga Pavlatou | 6977989090 | [email protected]

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