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Éder Militão is willing to pay a pension of R$ 6 thousand for his daughter and defense of his ex-wife: ‘Humiliation’


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The imbroglio involving Karoline Lima and defender Éder Militão gained another chapter and this time the confusion involves the alimony of the ex-couple’s daughter, Cecília, who was born in early July. The model revealed that the Real Madrid player and the Brazilian national team filed a lawsuit in court to stipulate a monthly amount to the girl of five minimum wages, in the amount of R$ 6,060.00.

The argument used by Militão’s defense is that the 24-year-old player, with stints at São Paulo and Portuguese club Porto, is at the beginning of his career. He needs to help the family stay in Brazil. But, the athlete’s lawyers did not say that he is a professional from one of the richest clubs in the world and, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, his contract was recently renewed.

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With this new contract until 2028, Éder jumped from 3 to 7 million euros per year, equivalent to R$ 36 million (without the bonuses with games and awards). Using math, Éder earns R$100,000 a day and, in less than two hours of his journey at the club, he would be able to pay his daughter’s child support.

O F5 contacted Karoline’s lawyer, Gabriella Garcia, who confirmed the existence of the process and the amount offered by Militão. On social media, the influencer also said: “I’m not going to shut up anymore, I’m not going to pretend that there’s nothing happening, I’m not going to close my eyes anymore. , I have my nature, I have my character, and thank God I have my voice. Éder should be on Tite’s final list for the Qatar World Cup.

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Karoline also said that she tried to “resolve” the issue outside the media and justice, but was unsuccessful. “I won’t let any man, let alone my daughter’s father, scratch my character, scratch who I really am. So, if you want a fight, let’s go to fight. And you can be sure I don’t lack ammo”, warned and promised to make more revelations about the end of the relationship

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