UNICEF Ambassador Elena Paparizou: “No darkness is stronger than ‘Light in the Soul'”


UNICEF and the First Goodwill Ambassador of the Organization in Greece, Elena Paparizou, invite everyone to participate in a social media challenge to eliminate the stigma around mental health issues

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day on October 11, the UNICEF Office in Greece and Elena Paparizou released the re-performance of the song ‘The Light in Our Soul’, in collaboration with the children’s choir of Spyros Lambros, with the aim eliminating the stigma that accompanies children and young people experiencing mental health issues.

In the context of this campaign, the first Goodwill Ambassador of the Organization in Greece, started today a social media challenge inviting all of us, young and old, to ‘light up’ our social media using the arranged song, with the aim of spreading the message that ” no darkness is stronger than the ‘Light in the Soul’” that everyone hides within.

The challenge will run through the social network channels of Elena Paparizou and UNICEF Greece until the end of October. Those who want to share their own message and contribute by participating in raising public awareness of mental health issues and supporting people facing mental disorders can participate using #TheLightInOurSoul tagging @UNICEFGreece and @ HelenaPaparizouOfficial.

According to official figures from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), 1 in 7 teenagers – 10 to 19 years old – worldwide faces some mental health issue. This number rises to 1 in 5 teenagers across Europe, while only a third of them receive primary care services. In addition, the stigma and lack of understanding of mental health issues can negatively affect children and young people’s relationships with family and peers and lead to isolation and social exclusion.

The Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF in Greece, Elena Paparizou said: “Not all days are the same. All of us have gone through or are going through moments and situations that have affected our mental health either for a short or longer period of time and this is completely normal! It’s time to talk openly about mental health, without prejudice, to break the stigma that unfortunately still accompanies people who face such issues because no ‘darkness’ is stronger than the ‘Light in the Soul’ that everyone hides inside of. Let’s all start this conversation together, openly, without taboos to practically support every child, teenager and adult who may be struggling with their own ‘darkness’.”

The Head of Communications at the UNICEF Office in Greece, Olga Siokou-Siova, also stated: “Although in recent years there has been great progress in the way we understand and deal with mental health issues, there are still many shortcomings both in the provision of support services as well as eliminating stereotypes and negative beliefs. UNICEF calls on and supports its Member States as well as relevant national and local bodies to make the mental health of children and young people a priority, with the aim of eliminating stigma and discrimination and creating an inclusive, equal and supportive society.”

You can see the video clip of the song here and the social media challenge on Tik Tok and Instagram.

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