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Regina Duarte protests against the gay fairy godmother of Amazon’s ‘Cinderella’: ‘Threat to our children’


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Amazon Prime Video production released in September last year, “Cinderella” with Camila Cabello playing the main character, was harshly criticized by Regina Duarte. The actress asked her parents, uncles and grandparents for “help” when she learned that the fairy godmother of the film was gay through an outburst by actor Carlos Vereza. “True friends of Brazilian childhood: Disney’s Cinderella threatens the values ​​of our children!”, wrote the former secretary of Culture of the Bolsonaro government in the caption of the video shared by her professional colleague.

Regina also made a point of thanking Vereza for the “alert”, which he made this Tuesday (18). “You’re absolutely right. We need to protect our children”, she commented, still committing a grammatical error: protecting is with ‘g’. “After a long time, he returns to recording on my channels and what made me come back was a very serious reason. Walt Disney always took great care in respecting children in his drawings and now, to my amazement, I see it in the movie “Cinderella” , from Amazon, a gay fairy godmother. Instead of a kind lady, there’s an actor in a dress, high heels and a wand”, Vereza began.

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The actor who plays the fairy godmother FabG, a non-binary character, is Billy Porter, known for his trajectory of struggle and achievements for being black and gay in Hollywood. “I want to make it very clear that I am not against the sexual orientation of each one. Now what can’t be lobbying. This current Disney recently declared that it will invest 50% of its productions in the LGBT movement and a multitude of lyrics. of the new world order of deconstructing children’s sexuality,” he said.

Vera completed it. “You cannot transmute the sex of children’s characters. The sex of Superman’s son is bisexual! It is not possible for this to continue. Families in this country need to take a stand and boycott these cartoons”, asked the actor.

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