Kéfera rebuts criticism for not having kissed women at GKay’s Farofa


The actress and influencer Kéfera Buchmann, who came out bisexual this year, countered in Instagram stories the charges of followers for not being seen kissing women at Farofa da GKay, which took place from December 5th to 7th at the Marina Park Hotel, in Fortaleza , In Ceara.

Kefera questioned followers whether she now has to confirm her sexual oriental publicly at parties. “I’m forced to kiss women? And post yet? Stop it. For God’s sake, there’s no inspection of bisexuality here,” he said.

When called bisexual from Taubaté –compared to the fake pregnant with quadruplets– the influencer again rebutted the criticisms. “Cry, curse, kick, do what you want. See why we say bisexuals are erased? Because you want them all the time. I huh, leave me alone,” he said.

Kéfera also said that people can swear at her because she doesn’t care. According to the actress, the big step in her life was having publicly assumed that she is bisexual. “So that I have peace of mind and that I can feel free once and for all. And if I really want to get hold of someone publicly, I do.”

​Although Kéfera has not been seen kissing women, a video shared on social media shows her trying to kiss ex-BBB Kerline Cardoso, who didn’t seem to understand what was going on.


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