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Fazenda 14: Thomaz Costa should be eliminated from reality, points out poll F5


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Actor Thomaz Costa runs the risk of being eliminated on Thursday night (20) from A Fazenda 14 (Record), according to the poll promoted by F5. He disputes the permanence in the reality with Deolane Bezerra and Shayan Haghbin.

At around 20:00, the poll of the F5 pointed out that Thomaz had 19% of the public votes to remain on the reality show. While Shayan had 46% and Deolane 36% of the audience’s preference. In the reality of Record TV, the public votes on who they want to remain in the game. That way, the one with the least votes is eliminated of the night.

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Lucas Santos was in the countryside, but managed to get out of the hot seat because he won the Farmer’s Test, which required general knowledge from the participants.

In the vote on Tuesday (11), the farmer Bia Miranda had nominated Shayan. “During an argument, he spat in Tiago’s face, said he had no family”, she justified.

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Deolane was the most voted by the house and, at the request of presenter Adriane Galisteu, revealed the power of the green parchment. With that, she can indicate the third roceiro among the residents of the bay and chose Thomaz Costa.

In the dynamics of one remaining, Lucas was left and could veto one of the opponents for the farmer’s test. Lucas vetoed Shay, but by revealing the power of the black flame, André won the right to change the vetoed farmer and pointed to Thomaz.

The family and team of Thomaz communicated that they will not make a joint effort for the permanence of the actor in the reality. Confined, he’s been showing signs that he doesn’t want to stay on the show.

“Thomaz is in the countryside and in the face of everything that has been happening, we from the team and family decided to choose not to do a collective effort or any campaign for him to remain”, begins the text. “He’s clearly not doing well psychologically, and thinking about his mental health, that’s our stance.”

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