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The zodiac today, Monday, October 24, 2022


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No matter how busy your day is, no matter how many difficulties you have to face, never forget to be thankful for the good things you have and enjoy your life. However, your anger and critical mood will create problems for you with those around you. Even your humor can be misunderstood.

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The monotony of everyday life overwhelms you and deprives you of any creative breath. Escape in whatever way you see fit and look for those stimuli that will lift you up… Some harsh criticism you will practice can be the occasion for family arguments or for an argument with a very good friend of yours. It’s up to you not to let that happen…

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A small misunderstanding for a trivial reason can set your relationship on fire and lead to heated arguments. You tend to complain, because you feel that you are wronged by life and by fate. But look around at the positive things happening to you and you will find that you should be happy…


Today is an excellent day for your emotional life, as you could revive a relationship that had declined or start something new if you are single. However, your excessive optimism and overestimation of your strengths is your worst enemy. Lower the bar and make realistic plans so they can deliver.


This is not the right time for daydreams and unrealistic plans. Ground yourself in reality and work hard to be rewarded… Success in your professional aspirations and in the new endeavor you are starting depends entirely on the advice you will receive from more experienced people in the field.


The day will bring developments in your emotional life, and even important ones. Someone from your environment, friendly or professional, will make an emotional opening and surprise you… Do not rush to make decisions on issues that could have a long-term effect on your personal life. It is not a good time for radical changes.


You suffer from defeatism and pessimism that does not let you take your next steps either on a personal or professional level. Time to break out of the vicious cycle and chart a new course. Some days you feel intense frustration and fatigue with your constant efforts. But today you should put the negative feelings aside and socialize!


Patience and persistence you should show today and above all don’t let your tongue blurt out what you would like to say, because you will cause significant damage to your relationships. A misunderstanding with your partners or a careless reading of some documents can cause you problems.


You are a little confused and have a feeling that something is wrong. Try not to short-circuit in endless thoughts, to see clearly in front of you. You will be quite busy solving a mystery at work or in the family environment. But it is something that you will be able to clarify, albeit with difficulty.


Something is troubling you emotionally and you sense a tension brewing with your partner. Some things may not be as you imagine and you should see what happens. Your health and some minor problems you face will concern you. Take care of yourself as best you can, gradually changing your lifestyle to a healthier one.


You become advantageous today and you will get into big trouble. Stretch yourself as far as it will take you and don’t take on more obligations than you can handle or you will be exposed. Some turbulence will be recorded in your personal or professional life and it is a good opportunity to put your diplomatic talent into motion to calm passions.


You are dissatisfied today and in a bad mood. It’s a day and it will pass… Make sure you do something that will lift your spirits. Unleash your creative powers and spirit to lay the foundation for a new path in your evolution. Try new things and you won’t be disappointed with the developments. A new talent of yours will be discovered that will help you present important future steps forward in the professional arena.

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