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Katy Perry answers droopy eyelid and solves mystery – ‘It was a trick’


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The famous singer gave her own answer with a post on Instagram

At the beginning of the week, a video that was released went viral in which the singer, Katy Perry closes her right eyelid during her concert in Las Vegas causing intense concern among her fans about her health condition.

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However, after the embarrassment she caused, the well-known singer “broke” her silence by simply saying that… she was joking because it was only a “trick”.

Specifically, Katy Perry wrote on Instagram that it was a “trick” as part of her concert and that she has no problem. “Y’all welcome to see my broken eye trick in Las Vegas,” she captioned the video as her eyelid falls.

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In fact, she also joked about the outfit she wore to the concert in question, a sparkly dress that has two aluminum cans at the chest point, from which… beer flows.

“I’m pouring beer off my chest, f****. It’s a trick too you know, I don’t really breastfeed with beer,” she wrote on Instagram.

However, many of her fans remember her statements that she has amblyopia, a congenital condition that causes one of the two eyes to not function properly in both vision and movement.

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