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The zodiac today, Saturday October 29, 2022


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As if the Universe has made you wiser for a day, your words surprise those around you as well as yourself. Glances of approval and admiration will accompany you all day, so relax and enjoy it… If you are in a relationship, it is the ideal day to evaluate what you have and deepen. If you are single, the day may bring you new friendships.

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Try not to be easily critical of those around you. It is easy to criticize the actions of others, but consider that your attitude will not help anyone and you will hurt someone who loves you. Enjoy beautiful romantic moments with your partner, for those who are engaged. The singles may make an acquaintance that will bring them a lightning love…

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The day will emphasize the emotional sector! Those in a relationship have a unique opportunity to overcome any problems and take another step towards deepening the relationship. Singles have a high chance of making an acquaintance of a romantic nature.


Those of you who are in a romantic relationship, today you will be given the stimulus to rethink your future with this person. You may find that your needs or priorities have changed. But treat him with kindness…


Your life has really taken off and you no longer have to worry about all the things that have been keeping you awake. Thank your good luck, as well as those who were by your side in difficult times. The news is extremely encouraging from your professional sector, but much needs to be done to continue the upward trend.


Your intuition will be particularly enhanced today, as if you are coming into direct contact with the Universe. It is an ideal day for contemplation and reflection, as well as for devising new strategies on a professional level. If you need more money to meet your daily obligations, perhaps the day will bring you an extraordinary income that will stimulate you.


Some windfall will make you happy today! The amounts may not be large, but they will give you a breather from where you did not expect it. But you tend to spend it immediately on consumer spending. Be smart and meet your real needs.


Today is a good day to resolve pending family matters. The kindness and generosity of your character will play an important role in the development of the day if you manage to relax and allow yourself to freely express your thoughts and feelings.


The difficulties of the last period of time have passed and you can now take a deep breath. Don’t sacrifice your values ​​just to get something you really want. Invest in teamwork and success will find you when the time is right. Spend time with loved ones, through whose presence you will also be renewed.


You have boosted confidence and the drive to accomplish your goals today. Correctly evaluate the opportunities that will be presented to you and pursue your dream. But to act dishonestly today and intentionally or unintentionally harm someone is something that is dishonorable to even think about. Leave it as you will find it sooner or later in front of you.


You will record a significant victory over your opponents and feel great satisfaction. But don’t get carried away, because the battle continues… Watch your words today, because you can easily hurt the people around you and damage your relationships. There is a strong possibility of breaking relationships due to misunderstandings.


Put weight in your effort to advance your business plans in the future. But beware of secret meetings. There is a risk that you will be irreparably exposed in the future. An improvement in emotional matters is predicted. The day requires flexibility and patience in family matters.

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