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Public Ministry opens investigation against Nelson Piquet after speeches about Lula


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The Federal Public Ministry requested the opening of a police investigation against former pilot Nelson Piquet, 70, about possible public incitement to crime after he, in a video, asked for “Lula in the cemetery”.

According to a note, Piquet will be called to the Federal Police shortly, as well as the person who recorded the video with him during a coup demonstration against the results of the presidential elections.

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For the MPF, Nelson Piquet’s statements do not represent expressions of opinion regarding the elected government, but an incitement aimed at the population in general. Piquet has yet to comment.

The former pilot was present in one of the coup acts of people who do not accept the defeat of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) to Lula (PT) at the polls.

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In a video that has reverberated on social media, a protester poses next to Piquet, who gives his opinion on the PT and swears. “All in peace, let’s get this motherfucker Lula out,” he said before dropping the sentence: “It’s Lula at the cemetery.”

This isn’t the first time that Piquet’s line has gone wrong. In the middle of the year, the former driver became the target of a complaint with the Public Ministry of the Federal District and Territories for calling F1 driver Lewis Hamilton a “neguinho”. The representation was made by the PSOL bench in the Chamber of Deputies. Four entities asked for compensation of R$ 10 million for collective moral damages.

A while later, an unprecedented excerpt released by the Grande Prêmio portal showed that the former driver also made a homophobic speech on the occasion, reigniting criticism. “The little nigga [Hamilton] should be giving more c*”, he said.

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