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Fátima Bernardes says she is cured of Covid, shows test and is hit by internet users


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Removed from the recordings of “The Voice” for having tested positive for Covid, two days ago, Fátima Bernardes took another exam this Thursday (17) and made a point of showing the new result on Twitter: negative. Relieved, she celebrated the fact that she was cured of the disease, as well as her boyfriend, Túlio Gadelha. “We passed with peace of mind. Thank God and the vaccine,” she wrote. But what the presenter did not expect was to be hit by netizens.

“Fátima, your test is positive. Go into social isolation now”, warned a follower. Another follower even gave technical details about the correct reading of the device with the test. “This very faint scratch on the test on the left means that it was positive and the person has Covid. Pay attention to this when you are going to test!”, Warned the fan and the third added: “Make another one to confirm because this one, my friend, gave positive”.

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Fátima Bernardes published an image in which two hands appear and each one holds a test to detect Covid. In the post, the device held by a person with painted nails shows a very faint risk on the screen. This even almost invisible trait indicates that the person is infected with the coronavirus. The other device has no signal on the display.

On the day of the premiere of “The Voice”, the presenter told her followers that she had tested positive for the disease: “I did not escape this new variant: for the first time I tested positive for Covid. I am in Recife with my love Túlio Gadelha facing isolation”, announced Fátima, but she soon reassured the viewers and explained that the programs were recorded a few weeks ago.

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