Paola Carosella is accused of scamming partners and refutes ‘invented narrative’

Paola Carosella is accused of scamming partners and refutes ‘invented narrative’

It was only the chef and presenter Paola Carosella, 50, praising the beauty of the player Fred of the Brazilian team that began to receive criticism and accusations on social networks. However, the fight did not have to do with her opinion regarding the athlete, but with a supposed leg step on partners in a restaurant.

On her Twitter profile, after the post, some followers began to remember an old video in which Paola, then a judge of MasterChef (Band), confided to Ana Paula Padrão that, after a partnership with seven Argentines, she decided to leave aside a restaurant in Brazil until he had a 30% loss to then buy the establishment.

Paola responded to a follower who said that “it’s really beautiful to devalue your own business to buy the partners’ share cheaper”. “There was none of that. Narrative invented by you. The story is different. The video you took has 12 cuts”, she began.

“What happened was actually the opposite. I saved the restaurant and paid my partners very well”, added the chef.

At another time, another follower, this voter of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), offended her. “Aren’t you going to be part of the transition team? How can you undertake with other people’s money and carry out the coup?”, he accused. To him, Paola did not answer.

What was seen in subsequent posts was a series of attacks, including xenophobia. In some of them, followers asked the chef to “go back to her land”, as the Argentine people were “dying and hungry”.

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