Astypalaia in the 50 secret islands of Europe for the French


‘Aegean butterfly’ features on cover of popular French travel guide Gallimard

“Scent of Greece” has Gallimard’s popular French travel guide recently released with Europe’s 50 Secret Islands and Astypalaia earning a spot on the new list and gracing its cover.

It is one of the most important international tourist guides based on the research of seven renowned travel editors and forms at the end of each year the new travel trends for tens of thousands of travelers in France and other French-speaking countries, with alternative interests. Lesser known but equally interesting islands from Italy, Ireland, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Denmark and Greece are included in the list.

According to the Belgian columnist who visited the destination, as part of a planned action by the EOT Office of the Netherlands and the Municipality of Astypalaia, “this small island of the Dodecanese has a lot of soul and character.

Known as the “Butterfly of the Aegean”, Astypalaia flies between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese and maintains its authenticity over the centuries. The Chora of the island is an aesthetic marvel, while the local honey is magic and takes traditional beekeeping a step further.

Astypalaia uniquely marries ancient history with the future and is poised to transform into a sustainable and smart destination, marking a new beginning in global tourism.”

Referring to the new important international distinction, the Mayor of Astypalaia Nikos Komineas stated that “Astypalaia is developing into a destination of authenticity, quality and sustainability, winning impressions internationally.

The increase that occurred this year is impressive with a 52% increase in air arrivals and 7.4% by sea from May to August compared to 2019, justifying the new strategy that has been adopted”.


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