Farofa da Gkay: Viih Tube allows Eliezer to enter the dark room


The trendy dark room has stories to tell at Farofa da Gkay, but the secret seems to be a rule for those who enjoy the attraction, which takes place and shakes a hotel in Fortaleza since last Monday (5). Former BBB Viih Tube, who assumed to have entered space several times in 2021, this year did not go beyond the door. Four months pregnant, the influencer released boyfriend Eliezer to enter the dark room, but with an agreement: to tell everything the boy can see in the place.

The two shared the agreement with their followers during a video published on the Instagram profile of the former BBB, this Wednesday (7). Viih Tube even calls her boyfriend “my supervisor”. “I’m not sure I can tell you what I saw in the dark room,” Eliezer told Viih Tube during the video. “My love, it’s heavy stuff,” she said. “Yes, it’s heavy, it’s really heavy,” replied the publicist.

“I came back with my boyfriend from the party, I passed by and ended up seeing people naked. He told me that people are frantic and he even saw live sex!! He saw more than six people! “I said ‘that’s it, no go further’. But you have to go, love, for you to inspect and tell everything”, laughed the influencer.

Viih Tube also weighed in on the dark room. “I’m in favor of people having more to enjoy, to live. The dark room doesn’t have cell phones and the people who are there really want to live. I can’t stand the room any longer. The good thing is that Eliezer can go and tell me everything” , she finished.

Farofa is a birthday party for influencer Gessica Kayane, better known as Gkay. The first edition of the event took place in 2017, at a resort in João Pessoa, Paraíba, and remained there until 2020, moving to Fortaleza in the 2021 edition, as the previous location closed its doors due to the pandemic. of Covid-19.

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