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Tom Holland wants to appear in ‘Euphoria’ with his girlfriend Zendaya


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Actor Tom Holland is eager to make an appearance in the series starring his girlfriend Zendaya. In an interview with IMDb, the Spider-Man interpreter said he was “disappointed” for not yet being called to participate in the program.

“Listen, I’ve been asking for this to happen for a long time, and it hasn’t happened yet and I’m very disappointed,” joked the Englishman. “I must have visited [o set de] ‘Euphoria’ 30 times this season.”

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The couple, who stars in the latest “webhead” trilogy, are together in the quest to put Holland in the series. Zendaya even said he would talk to “HBO people” during the interview. HBO’s “Euphoria” premieres its second season on January 9th.

In the series, the actress plays Rue, a drug-addicted teenager who needs to reconcile her delicate family situation with her addiction, and also her feelings for her best friend, Jules. In the Marvel series of films, she is MJ, crush and later girlfriend of Peter Parker (Tom Holland).

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Zendaya received an Emmy in 2020 for her performance in “Euphoria”, being voted Best Lead Actress in a drama series. The series even took awards for makeup and original music.

Meanwhile, “Spider-Man: No Return Home” has just made its big-screen debut. Third film in the new saga, the plot that brings back villains from other productions with the hero broke box office records in Brazil and the United States.

According to Comscore Movies in Brazil, the film has already had 1.7 million viewers and raised R$ 34 million in the country. In the US, 1.1 million people watched the feature film on opening night in the AMC Entertainment chain alone.


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