Deolane Bezerra recovers luxury cars seized by the police: ‘It’s back’


Deolane Bezerra, 34, a former farmhand at A Fazenda 14, recovered her two luxury cars seized by the police after searches at her house in July this year. The woman, who was being investigated for having advertised for a suspicious website, thanked the Public Prosecutor’s Office for filing the case.

“Congratulations, Public Ministry for seeing the truth”, he said in one of the videos posted on Instagram stories, on the night of this Wednesday (14). “He came back, now he’s envious, feeling sick. Everything declared, everything paid, his mother’s income tax is up to date”, said the former worker, showing the arrival of the vehicles.

The woman also appeared at her mansion alongside her lawyers, including Adélia Soares. “They charged millions to advocate in this case and what did we say?”, asked Deolane. “We weren’t going to pay any way because justice had to prevail”, replied Adélia.

At the time of the car seizure, Deolane used social networks to comment on the search made by the police at his mansion in Alphaville, in Greater São Paulo. According to her, the police complied with a warrant from the Public Ministry of São Paulo to search and apprehend her house.

She said that she had the information leaked by an employee of the condominium where she lives and claimed to have been the victim of excessive police authority. Deolane promised to sue the employee in court for having filmed the police action, made several videos and posted them on Instagram Stories. One of them is precisely from the day of the magazine.

“I made these stories for you to see that nothing illegal was found in my residence. There was an excess of police authority because in the search and seizure warrant issued by the judge, she asks that objects of illegal origin be seized, none of this was found, in addition to cell phones and computers. In other words, seizure of vehicles is not warranted,” he said at the time.

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